Join HAC Polo and play the game!

Polo at the HAC is just one of many benefits provided to members of the Active Unit and Company. It is seen as a positive boon to retention and an excellent way to reward members for their sacrifices and contributions to the HAC's ongoing commitments. As such in order to join HAC Polo you must be at least one of the following:

  • A serving member of an active unit (Regiment or Special Constabulary).
  • A member of the Company
  • A member of the HAC Saddle Club

If you can say yes to any of the above (and we hope you've been able to say yes to all three!) - then joining couldn't be simpler. Just complete the enquiry form to let us know you wish to join HAC Polo.

There is NO JOINING FEE and NO MEMBERSHIP FEE to join HAC Polo. Our aim is ensure polo is as affordable as possible and we believe every penny you have to pay should be towards maximising your play time. You may however need to join our associate polo club and one or more of the polo associations (HPA, APoloA) in order to play in certain matches.

Your message to us should explain the following:

  • Your riding experience (particularly any related to polo);
  • Your handicap (if you have one);
  • If you have ponies and can mount yourself (don't worry there is no expectation to have ponies!);
  • Your contact details including a phone number;
  • What your main interest in joining is e.g. to learn, to play for a team, social etc.
  • How you heard of us!

We'll take it from there and be in touch shortly.

Please note: It is the policy of HAC Polo that HAC regimental members must be Phase 2 qualified before they can avail of the HAC Polo courses or play polo for the HAC. This is to ensure that they focus on their main effort of becoming fully fledged members of the regiment.