Inaugural IG HAC Veterans v Royal Artillery


The inaugural IG HAC Veterans v Royal Artillery Polo match took place at Kirtlington Park Polo Club on Saturday 22nd June. The -5 HAC line-up was as follows: 1) Ben Loxton-Edwards 2) Justin Roberts/Stuart Atkinson 3) Marcus Vivian de La Pendrosa 4) Mark Selway

On arrival the Gunners were a little surprised to see Selway's (ex 1SQN) limousine parked next to the Club house.

For a moment, they wondered if they had stumbled across the Serbian mafia. They were reassured by the realisation that limos are standard issue at the HAC.

The exuberant and partisan crowd delighted in the opening salvos as IG HAC V got off to a flying start. Selway weaved through the hapless Gunners to score within the first 30 seconds.

Two more goals followed in quick succession. IG HAC V were on the rampage and seemingly unstoppable. By the close of the 1st chukka HAC V were leading 3 goals to 0.

A valiant fight back by the unfazed and experienced RA team saw them claw back two goals in the 2nd chukka. HAC V responded and then it was neck and neck through the 3rd chukka.

Marcos Vivian de La Pendrosa (ex HQ) stayed on his horse for the whole of the 3rd chukka. He even displayed some of the old panache with a brilliant individual effort. Unfortunately his final shot missed the goal by an inch.

As the match drew to a close the RA started to show more consistency and their attacks gathered momentum. For a brief and horrifying moment the RA went ahead 5 goals to 4.

A penalty saw HAC V equalise at 5:5 and the final whistle went.

A fierce match had been fought leaving honours even.

We would like to thank Pete Fewster and Jen Liggins from KPPC who supported us in hosting the match.