The 2014 HAC Polo Scholarship

The HAC Polo Committee is pleased to announce that the 2014 HAC Polo Scholarship has been awarded to Tpr John Small. Tpr Small took up polo in 2013 having passed the HAC recruits course. He has gone on to play in the HAC team at competitions such as RAF Cranwell in May 2014 and the AGC Cup in August 2014. The HAC Polo Scholarship

In 2012 the then departing Regimental Surgeon Major of the Honourable Artillery Company - Capt Ben Loxton-Edwards - offered to sponsor an annual polo scholarship.

I was fortunate to start playing Polo at the HAC and loved every minute of it. I set up this small scholarship to encourage young players. - Capt Loxton-Edwards

The Scholarship of £400 is provided to a member of the active unit who has shown dedication and selfless commitment to learning and improving their standard of play in the sport of polo. The funding is to help subsidise training to improve the players game. While players must ultimately pay to play HAC regimental players are fortunate enough to have their competitive play supported and subsidised by the generous support of the Commanding Officer.

It is through such support that polo continues to flourish at the HAC.

Previous Scholarship recipients

2013: Tpr Hayward-Hughes

2012: LCpl Langan