The 2014 HAC Polo Scholarship

The HAC Polo Committee is pleased to announce that the 2014 HAC Polo Scholarship has been awarded to Tpr John Small. Tpr Small took up polo in 2013 having passed the HAC recruits course. He has gone on to play in the HAC team at competitions such as RAF Cranwell in May 2014 and the AGC Cup in August 2014. The HAC Polo Scholarship

In 2012 the then departing Regimental Surgeon Major of the Honourable Artillery Company - Capt Ben Loxton-Edwards - offered to sponsor an annual polo scholarship.

I was fortunate to start playing Polo at the HAC and loved every minute of it. I set up this small scholarship to encourage young players. - Capt Loxton-Edwards

The Scholarship of £400 is provided to a member of the active unit who has shown dedication and selfless commitment to learning and improving their standard of play in the sport of polo. The funding is to help subsidise training to improve the players game. While players must ultimately pay to play HAC regimental players are fortunate enough to have their competitive play supported and subsidised by the generous support of the Commanding Officer.

It is through such support that polo continues to flourish at the HAC.

Previous Scholarship recipients

2013: Tpr Hayward-Hughes

2012: LCpl Langan

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Polo Tournament


On the 6th of July 2014 The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst played host to three matches – the first was The HAC Saddle Club vs RMAS [1], the second was The HAC Saddle Club vs RMAS [2] and the final match was The HAC Regiment vs Fleet Air Arm. Consummate commentary on the day was provided by Lt Colonel Simon Ledger, Director of Army Polo.

Having been narrowly beaten out the previous week by the mighty Army Polo Team at Dallas Burston Polo Club, the HAC were fired up and determined to get this win on the board. The excitement was palpable and the weather couldn’t have been better – bright sunshine and a gentle breeze.

The HAC Team Line-up

HAC vs Fleet Air Arm


1 Tpr Cain Hayward-Hughes -2 2 L/Cpl Dale Langan -2 3 C/Sgt Tim Johnson 0 4 Capt Cy Lloyd-Jones -2

Fleet Air Arm

1 Lt Tom Burrows -2 2 Lt Bob Santrian -1 3 Surg Cdr Mike Bowen -1 4 L/Cpl Max Kamper 0

Match Summary

The HAC commenced the match a goal and a half ahead on account of the Fleet Air Arm fielding a -4 goal team. Not allowing the handicap to breed complacency the HAC fought hard and secured an early goal. The team pulled together as a unit and executed some solid set pieces. The Fleet Air Arm team battled back and marked their men closely, when one HAC pony moved a Fleet Air Arm pony was right on its tail.

1st Chukka

C/Sgt Tim Johnson took charge and led the attack smashing a cracking back-hander to open the first chukka. This allowed Capt Cy Lloyd-Jones to knock up for L/Cpl Dale Langan to further press the ball home for C/Sgt Tim Johnson to make a courageous play – alas just wide of the mark. The next play was better with an early goal to the HAC. With only seconds remaining the Fleet mounted a fierce last ditch press for glory – a goal and the first chukka was over.

2nd Chukka

The second chukka started at pace with a foul given to The HAC. Narrowly missing the goal, play quickly moved on with the Fleet Air Arm playing some hard ride-offs to bring the fight back against the HAC. Tpr Hayward-Hughes dismounting in a robust ride-off against Lt Tom Burrows provided tense excitement for the crowd. Bruised but not broken he was quickly back on and back in the game. Capt Cy Lloyd-Jones flicked a wide tail shot and reversed the chukka into the favour of The HAC and lay-up for a quick drive towards the goal… a foul from the HAC switched the advantage and the Fleet Air Arm took the uncontested shot at the HAC goal mouth - it looked to be going wide – a mistaken tap by C/Sgt Tim Johnson ensured it was not.

3rd Chukka

Earlier delays in pony transport meant there was no time for Pimms and it was straight into the third chukka. The partnership of Lt Bob Santrian and L/Cpl Max Kamper made for formidable opposition but Capt Cy Lloyd-Jones and L/Cpl Dale Langan were up for the challenge. L/Cpl Dale Langan broke away with clean hits to goal to put another point on the board. FC/Sgt Tim Johnson took the ball long and Tpr Cain Hayward-Hughes closed down Lt Tom Burrows. Another goal to the HAC.

Final Chukka

Moving into the final chukka with everything still to play for, the anticipation, excitement and hunger for victory was etched in to each and every players face. The HAC took an early goal and settled into its rhythm playing a more defensive game. Shouts of ‘Come on HAC!’ spurred the team forward with some solid marking, riding off the Fleet Air Arm at every opportunity. The Fleet Air Arm responded in kind and breaking away, they galloped clear and went straight for goal to bring the score to 5.5 - 3

With the bell signalling game over, the final score was HAC 6 1/2 - Fleet Air Arm 3

Post-match presentation.


HAC Open Evening 2014

Come See what we're all about...

A HAC Special Observer carries out overwatch during an operations in Afghanistan.

Come and visit the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC), see what we do and have a great evening. The event will see units from across all three services present so if you want to meet units in the Army, Navy or RAF then get along.

When: 17:30-20:00 Tuesday 13 May 2014.

• Meet both regular and reserve units from across the British military • Climb aboard a Chinook helicopter • Parachute drop into the Artillery Garden by the RAF Falcons • Apache helicopter simulator

• Display by the HAC Pikemen and Musketeers • Displays by the HAC Light Cavalry • Displays by the HAC Band and Corps of Drums • See inside the historic Armoury House including the acclaimed museum • Music, bars and FREE BBQ

HAC Armoury House

See how many enjoy the challenge of military life alongside their civilian career.

The Honourable Artillery Company is a regiment of 400+ men and women who volunteer to use some of their spare time from their civilian lives to train as part of the Army Reserve.

Soldiers from the HAC frequently deploy on operations such as the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the Regular Army. The Regiment also has a unique ceremonial role providing Guards of Honour at the Guildhall and Gun Salutes at the Tower of London.

To find out more visit HERE or watch Here


HAC 105 Polo 2014 Date announced


HAC Polo is pleased to announce that the Commanding Officer of the Honourable Artillery Company - Lt.Col Doherty - has approved the date for the 2014 HAC polo flagship event - better known as "The 105". This years event will be held at Ham Polo Club, Richmond on Saturday 6th September. 2013 was the biggest and best yet with 1700 people in attendance with many staying on to enjoy the Raffles After-party with DJ Seb Fontain. 2014 plans are already underway and it promises to be the best yet.

So make sure you mark your diary early and start to gather your friends and family.